Fibra Dike 

Carlo Rabaiotti

Head of the project
Civil Engineer, Prof. Dr. ETH Zurich
Prof. for geotechnical engineering at OST

Alessio Höttges

Deputy Head of the project
Civil Engineer, MSc ETH Zurich and PhD Student at ETH Zurich

Isabel Bohren

Project Engineer
Civil Engineer, BSc OST Rapperswil

Alessandro Rosso

Head of the Project
Geologist , MSc. Univ.
Head of the Polo Scientifico in Boretto

Agnese Bassi

Project Engineer
Geologist , MSc. Univ. Parma
Responsible for the AIPo geotechnical laboratory in Boretto

Fabio Sai

Project Leader
Civil Engineer, MSc TU Delft
Hydraulic Engineer at AIPO