Fibra Dike

Small scale testing

Calibration of the sensor’s functionality (new and standard DFO sensors) in a reduced scale device at the OST Geotechnical Laboratory.


The new DFO Sensor is calibrated in a facility at OST, where a levee embankment is modeled in small scale 1:10. This box originally used for testing landslides has been specially readapted and fully equipped with piezometer tubes as well as analog piezometers (called H-Level), tensiometers and ultrasound sensors. Embankments can be built inside the box and the new distributed sensors can be installed in different configurations below or inside the dam.


The goal of this step is to calibrate the sensor and optimize the design and the layout. The sensor is tested under stationary and non-stationary conditions, e.g., during the dam saturation or piping-induced phenomena (Video: Piping) in the dam.

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New DFO pressure sensor

Design of a new DFO sensor for soil and pore water pressure measurements

Full scale testing

Validation of the new DFO sensor in an experimental test field (full-scale model)


Numerical and analytical interpretation of the measurement data


Implementation of the new DFO monitoring system in a real levee on the Rhône river.

Project Overview

Short introduction of the project, objectives and methodology adopted