Fibra Dike

New DFO sensor

Design of a new DFO sensor for soil and pore water pressure measurements


The first step of the project is the development and the validation of the new DFO piezometer. The new sensor should be able to:

  • measure pressures in a range of 0.1 – 100 kPa
  • with an accuracy of 0.1 kPa
  • for lengths up to 50 km
  • with a spatial resolution ranging from 0.02 – 1 m (depending on the instrument used)

The task

This task is carried out in close cooperation with the industrial partners Solifos and Sisgeo. A key aspect of the development is to produce a sensor that can be manufactured at an industrial level to avoid developing a sensor that can only be implemented on a small laboratory scale and not over large distances, typical of earth dams and levees.


The sensor will be industrially manufactured and fully engineered according to the Technology readiness levels (TRLs) method, starting from the basic idea to the verification of the sensor in an operational environment.

See other Project steps

Project Overview

Short introduction of the project, objectives and methodology adopted

Small scale testing

Calibration of the new DFO sensor’s functionality at a reduced scale

Full scale testing

Validation of the new DFO sensor in an experimental test field (full-scale model)


Numerical and analytical interpretation of the measurement data


Implementation of the new DFO monitoring system in a real levee on the Rhône river.