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Journal Paper 

Höttges, A., Rabaiotti, C., & Facchini, M. (2022). A novel distrbuted fiber optic hydrostatic pressure sensor for dike safety monitoring. (in preparation)

Conference Paper submissions

Rabaiotti, C., Höttges, A., & Bohren, I. (2021). Integrated Distributed Fiber Optical Monitoring System for Levees. 10. Geotechnik Fachtagung. Rapperswil (Switzerland)

Höttges, A., Rabaiotti, C., Rosso, A., Bohren , I., Bassi, A., & Facchini, M. (2022). The FIBRA DIKE Project. EWG-IE: 28th Annual Meeting. Sheffield (United Kingdom).

Rabaiotti, C., Höttges, A., Facchini, M., & Bohren, I. (2022). FIBRADIKE, a novel distributed fiber optical monitoring system for dikes and earth dams. EACEF Conference. Rapperswil (Virtual Conference).

Master Thesis

Geller, E. (2021). Development of an Optical FIbre Piezometer. Master Thesis (OST).

Kobler, F. (2022). Verteilter faseroptischer Porenwasserdruckgeber. Master Thesis (OST).

Züger, R. (2021). Auswirkungen instationärer Strömungen auf die Stabilität von Dämmen. Master Thesis (OST).

Patent Application

Rabaiotti, C., Höttges, A., Facchini, M., Schwendemann, D., & Walker, S. (2022). Rapperswil, CH Patent No. EE 15271 DE.                      

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Project Overview

Short introduction of the project, objectives and methodology adopted

New DFO pressure sensor

Design of a new DFO sensor for soil and pore water pressure measurements

Small scale testing

Calibration of the new DFO sensor’s functionality at a reduced scale

Full scale testing

Validation of the new DFO sensor in an experimental test field (full-scale model)


Numerical and analytical interpretation of the measurement data


Implementation of the new DFO monitoring system in a real levee on the Rhône river.